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Oxymagic's cleaning solutions and processes provide a healthier home environment.

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¿Why oxymagic?

For many years, customers thought the only way to get their carpets clean was to use a steam cleaner - which resulted in carpet that stayed wet for days & sometimes smelled liked mold & mildew.

THEN Oxymagic revolutionized carpet cleaning!

We use a SAFER NON-TOXIC cleaner we developed for EXCLUSIVE use by our franchise owners.  Combine our cleaner and unique carpet cleaning machine that ACTUALLY LIFTS THE DIRT OUT of the carpet, and you have a method that CUSTOMERS LOVE

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Committ to your enviroment

As America's top-quality carpet cleaning franchise, we are changing the industry one customer at a time.  As the trend towards cleaner, heathier lifestyles continue, Oxymagic will continue it's commitment to develop safer, non-toxic, environmentally-responsible cleaners.

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