How to choose carpet colors and types

septiembre 20, 2017

Buying carpets for any room can be a great investment if you consider the cost of carpet, delivery and installation. This investment must be preceded by research and comparison shopping to make the best decision. The carpet you choose will accompany you for many years, so choosing the right color and the type of rug that fits your family’s lifestyle is important.


Choosing the Best Color

  • Decide which color group will be most aesthetically pleasing to the room you want carpet. Colors are grouped by their concentration of fresh, warm or neutral tones. Greens are cool, reds are warm and beige tones are neutral.


  • Consider the size of the room you will be carpeting. It will benefit a smaller room for a lighter shade to give a larger appearance, and a large room is less overwhelming with the addition of a rug that has a deep, rich color.


  • Make note of the lighting that goes into the room you want for carpet. A room that receives lots of sunlight can benefit from dark carpeting. On the other hand, a room that receives little sunlight appears more sad with the addition of dark carpets.


  • Inspect different carpet manufacturers at your local pavement store and look over their samples. Ask the customer service for samples of the carpet colors you are interested in and take them home. See all the samples in the designated room and compare the colors of different lights and against the furniture and textiles of the room.


  • Decide on a color and make your purchase. More careful and efficient is in exploring the different carpet options; happier it will be with your newly installed carpet.




mayo 11, 2017

I’ve been using microfiber for cleaning for close to 10 years – I love it and I always tell you to use it 🙂 but it’s been a while since I talked about why I use it.  First of all, you should know that I started using any microfiber I could find cheap and have even recommended them to you but have since changed my thoughts of that after doing extensive research on microfiber. There isn’t anything wrong with using the cheapest microfiber you can find, I’m all about keeping things budget friendly, BUT I can tell you that if you hate that scratchy feeling of microfiber (I do!), don’t buy the cheapest ones you can find. You won’t enjoy using them and quite honestly, a higher grade of microfiber (higher ratio of polyamide to polyester and micron rating) does make a difference.